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Organic Cotton Crinkle Fabric

Organic Cotton Crinkle Fabric

Product Name Organic Cotton Crinkle Fabric
Company Oasis International
Short description Organic Cotton Crinkle Fabric
Detail Crinkles are available in cotton, silk and polyester. These fabrics are made by tightening the weft threads and modifying the heat settings. They usually have a backing fabric to help hold the crinkle in place. The sub types of fabrics are Dyes, color treatment and washing characteristics Draping properties : Cotton crinkle has a tendency to bag out at the seat and knees under conditions of wear. Polyester crinkle does not need preshrinking but the natural fibre crinkles do. Preshrink silk crinkle by passing a steam iron 1/2" (1 cm.) above the fabric. Preshrink cotton crinkle by machine washing in warm water and tumble drying in a permanent press cycle. The fabric will lose width and length from washing and appear very narrow and pleated - you will need to press it slightly to return its appearance to something close to what it was at purchase. The fabric is quite heavy and will tend to bag.
Title Organic Cotton Crinkle Fabric
Condition New

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Organic Cotton Crinkle FabricOrganic Cotton Crinkle Fabric

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