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Paint canister capper

Paint canister capper

Product Name Paint canister capper
Company Aoke Paint Tinting Equipment (Shunde) Co., Ltd.,
Short description Paint canister capper
Detail Paint canister capper is designed for cover sealed of universal standard canister.Reasonable structure 、Accurate making 、 Ergonomic design、Easy to operate .When using ,you just setting the screw on headstock then it can be normally used. The main parts of this capper is made by cast steel.It should be more stoutness、durable、wearable。It widely used in Paint & Chemical industry . The necessary cover sealing tools for standard canister. 1.Suitable for 10 Liter standard canister.( The diameter is 250MM) 2.Suitable for 18 /20 Liter standard canister.( The diameter is 300 MM)
Title canister capper
Condition New

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Paint canister capperPaint canister capper

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