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Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Pins

Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Pins

Product Name Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Pins
Short description Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Pins
Detail Parasaurolophus, means "almost a crowned lizard", is a genus of the hadrosaur genus, living in North America in the Late Cretaceous period, about 76 million years to 73 million years ago. The fossils of the Parasaurolophus were found in Alberta, New Mexico, and Utah. The Parasaurolophus is a herbivorous dinosaur, and the Parasaurolophus' crest is hollow, with a tube from the nostril to the end of the crown, and then back to the back of the head, until the inside of the skull. Due to the hollowness of the crown, scientists believe that this is similar to the instrument trumpet, so they guess the Parasaurolophu is the most vocal dinosaur in the dinosaurs. If you are interested in dinosaurs, our Parasaurolophus dinosaur pin will be a great collection for you. Unique design and excellent quality. It is a perfect way to wear our dinosaurs pins to show your love to dinosaurs.
Title Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Pins
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Parasaurolophus Dinosaur PinsParasaurolophus Dinosaur Pins

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