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PDLC Swicthable Film chemicals

PDLC Swicthable Film chemicals

Product Name PDLC Swicthable Film chemicals
Company Qingdao QY Liquid Crystal Co., Ltd
Short description PDLC Swicthable Film chemicals
Detail E-mail: sales@liquidcrystals.cn sales@canaanchem.com http://www.liquidcrystals.cn http://www.canaanchem.com More than 12 years of LC production experience. Qingdao QY Liquid Crystal Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of liquid crystal material, liquid crystal monomer,liquid crystal intermediate and Nematic liquid crystal, especially for polymer dispersed liquid crystal,PDLC Liquid Crystal Mixture QYPDLC-036 Lower Operating Temperature Tkn(C) <-10 Upper Operating Temperature Tni(C) 95 Viscosity(mPa.s,20C) 45 Birefringence(589nm,20C) 0.2501 Ordinary Refractive Index (No)(589nm,20C) 1.521 Electrical properties V90(VAC)(V) 2.247 Electrical properties V10(VAC)(V) 1.524
Title PDLC Swicthable Film chemicals
Condition New

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PDLC Swicthable Film chemicalsPDLC Swicthable Film chemicals

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