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Phage Display Library Construction

Phage Display Library Construction

Product Name Phage Display Library Construction
Company Creative Biolabs
Short description Phage Display Library Construction
Detail Scientists from Creative Biolabs are professional in construction of various phage display libraries, including cDNA libraries, peptide libraries and scFv/Fab antibody libraries. We normally generate libraries with a diversity of n×108; we are able to generate libraries of n×109-10. In case you need a special cDNA, peptide or antibody library, you can rely on our extensive experience. For peptide libraries with inserts longer than 8-mer [and up to 30-mer], we usually use one of three nucleotide doping strategies [NNK, Split-mix-split synthesis or Tri-mer codon] to maximize the amino acid sequences encoded by the inserted DNA sequences. We can make the both pIII-fusion libraries and pVIII-fusion libraries. For scFv/Fab library construction, we can use both human plasma cells and splenocytes from naïve or immunized mice. We are also professional in producing fully or semi-synthetic antibody libraries.
Title Phage Display Library Construction
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Phage Display Library ConstructionPhage Display Library Construction

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