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Quantitative powder packing scale,packer

Quantitative powder packing scale,packer

Product Name Quantitative powder packing scale,packer
Company Anhui Ruisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Short description Quantitative powder packing scale,packer
Detail Automatic Quantitative wheat flour powder Packing Machine,weighing packaging machine,Food Processing Automatic Quantitative Wheat Flour Packing Machine This machine one of the improved packing machines on base of years of practical experience of our company,.It combines both the advanced technique and latest structure domestic and overseas, adopt advanced electronic weighing sensor and customer-tailor packing control device, automatic flow feeding system by gravity.It features fast packing, compact structure, durable performance, and it is widely used in the easy flow granular materials, powder type materials with square bottom bag weighing packing and also conveying production line works. It also features higher accuracy, stable performance, digital display, and simple operation and convenient. Application: Bleaching powder packing machine This machine is especially designed for packing bagging machine for ammonium nitrate prills into open-mouth bags like plastic woven bags, Kraft bags, sacks, paper-plastic compound bags and barrels, cartons. Working principle: First, the bag need be applied manually to the filling spout and the filling process is started by a push-button.Your material will firstly go to the hopper and then be filled into the bags via the feeding parts. The filling flow is controlled by the frequency-change rotating speed. When the bag is filled fully, the bag clamping device will automatically open and the bag will be conveyed to the sewing system for sealing.
Title Automatic quantitative wheat flour powder Packing Machine,weighing packaging scale machine,Food Processing Automatic Quantitative Packing Machine,packing scale
Condition New

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 Quantitative powder packing scale,packer Quantitative powder packing scale,packer

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