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Sampling heated tube

Sampling heated tube

Product Name Sampling heated tube
Company Hunan senshang Instrument Co., Ltd.
Short description Sampling heated tube
Detail 1. Introduction Sampling heated tube is one important part of the environment protection monitoring system, widely used for SCNR, SNR, waste incineration and other emission sampling. 2.Specifications Gas pipe material: PVDF, PTFE, 316L, PFA Black knit anti-scratch layer Air tube size: OD8/6mm,OD6/4mm (optional) Power consumption: 10-100W/M (depending on heating tempeature) Power supply: 220VAC 50HZ Sample gas heated temperature:50℃~220℃ No breakpoint and cold point all the way Using temperature controller to control heating temperature precisely Excellent heat preservation effect Heated tube external diamete: OD38±2mm;OD42±2mm Minimum bending: 0.5m Lowest working temperature: -20℃ Minimum installation distance: vertical 2m, horizonal 4m.
Title Sampling heated tube
Condition New

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Sampling heated tubeSampling heated tube

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