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scFv/Fab Construction

scFv/Fab Construction

Product Name scFv/Fab Construction
Company Creative Biolabs
Short description scFv/Fab Construction
Detail Creative Biolabs has established a solid platform for scFv and Fab constuction. There are three routes to have a scFv or Fab targeting a specific antigen. The first is to generate a mouse hybridoma clone, then convert full IgG [or IgM] into a scFv or Fab; the second approach is to create an immunized phage display scFv or Fab mouse library, then use the antigen to screen the library; the third method is to use the antigen to screen a premade scFv or Fab antibody phage display library [usually a human one] to get scFv or Fab clones directly. We are also able to convert chicken IgY into scFv or Fab fragments.More information, please visit the website:
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scFv/Fab ConstructionscFv/Fab Construction

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