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Silicone Release Agent

Silicone Release Agent

Product Name Silicone Release Agent
Company Qiqiang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd
Short description Silicone Release Agent
Detail its unique ultra-dry liquid, can effectively solve the traditional product surface oil pollution issue mould release can be used with process operations after forming, such as fuel injection, electroplating or screen printing, not Silicone-type chloride. mould release agent is suitable for the following materials and products:. ABS, PC, Acrylic, PE, PP, nylon, Pom, PS, epoxy, polyurethane and rubber,computer parts, optical lenses, transparent plastic shell, plastic sheets and rubber products. mold release is colorless, nontoxic, pollution-free and is suitable for food, paper and textile industries use . In the high temperature injection molding processes, to provide good lubrication for the mold thimble . Up to 350 ‘c in temperature within the thermal stability is still good. little effect on the environment, free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) propellant
Title Silicone Release Agent
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Silicone Release Agent

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