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Shenzhen Lianchenghe Technology Co., Ltd.
Health Medical
China China
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Slimming Belt Massager

Slimming Belt Massager

Product Name Slimming Belt Massager
Company Shenzhen Lianchenghe Technology Co., Ltd.
Short description Slimming Belt Massager
Detail Trim Swirl Slimming Belt Massager WOW!!! click in and make a BIG MONEY Win More Information, More Fortune, CONTACT NOW!!! Slimming Belt Massager 1.8 massage models to massage abdomen, waist, back,thigh and shank comfortably with the effects similar to that of manual massage 2.6 motors to acelerate blood circulation,relax muscular tissue to alleviate fatigue and pain from work and life by fantastic vibration 3.Amazing vibrating helps decompose fat into smalll pieces to equip you with charming figure
Title Slimming Belt Massager
Condition New

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Slimming Belt Massager

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