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SS-300-HF Extractive Laser Gas Analysis System

SS-300-HF Extractive Laser Gas Analysis System

Product Name SS-300-HF Extractive Laser Gas Analysis System
Company Hunan senshang Instrument Co., Ltd.
Short description SS-300-HF Extractive Laser Gas Analysis System
Detail I. Introduction SS-300-HF Extractive Laser Analysis System adopts TDLAS Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscope to measure HF concentration. It adopts special heated sampling probe which is able to work in high-temperature and high dust conditions, and hot & wet sampling system with little gas loss caused by gas condensing. Compare in-situ type gas analyzer, the extractive system has the advantages of no requirement of installation conditions, easy maintenance, little pollution to mirror, suitable for dirty sampling point with high dust.   II. Applications field It is used for online monitoring of organic waste gas emissions and organic waste gas recovery for chemical, printing, pharmaceutical, rubber, spray coating, electronic semiconductors, synthetic leather and so on. III. Specifications   Monitoring place Gas component Measurement range aluminum oxide outlet HF 0-20ppm(can be customize) 1.Measurement principle:TDLAS 2.Sampling method:Hot & Wet extractive sampling 3.Sampling pipe material:SUS316 4.Heated tube diameter: ø8×6 5.Power supply: AC220V±10% 50/60Hz 6.Power consumption:Max 2000W+50W*heated tube length 7.Calibration period:each 6 months 8.Analogue output:4 - 20mA 9.Max load:550Ω 10.Alarm output:gas temperature alarm, gas low pressure, gas over pressure alarm. IV. Features 1.Extractive sampling method 2.Easy calibration and calibration 3.Adopts TLDAS principle, little cross-sensitivity, 4.Laser detector with long lifespan 5.Optional sampling probe calibration function. 6.IP 65 protection class. 7.Adopts hot and wet sampling and gas pretreatment with temperature 190℃, preventing HCL gas loss by condensation. 8.Sampling probe with purging function. 9.With lens blow up function, to prevent it dewing.
Title SS-300-HF Extractive Laser Gas Analysis System
Condition New

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SS-300-HF Extractive Laser Gas Analysis SystemSS-300-HF Extractive Laser Gas Analysis System

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