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Steerable machinery skates instruction

Steerable machinery skates instruction

Product Name Steerable machinery skates instruction
Company Shan Dong Finer moving rollers co.,LTD
Short description Steerable machinery skates instruction
Detail Steerable machinery skates instruction There are two parts of CA type steerable machine skate, one is ahead with the draw bar, another parts is behind the C type with two sets trolleys. The ahead one which is C type with the draw bar can be veered with 270 degree , the drag rod is to control the direction via workers. The another parts behind the C type is two sets cargo trolley just can go straight with one 1.5 meters fixed rod. Sterable machinery skates the wheels is heavy type which is PU wheels can protecte the floor with no mark on it. Original: ShanDong China. Geared Cargo Trolley, also named geared roller skids, hand-cranked cargo trolley, Climbing type roller dolly, ratchet cargo trolley, no-traction moving dolly and so on names. Geared cargo trolley have hand-crank device, save manpower; Ratchet hand-crank roller skids have prevent backward device, which means this kind of cargo trolley just can go straight, especially used on climbing floor, will not backward. If your floor has a little gradient, or your worker not enough, geared roller skids is your best choice. Geared Cargo Trolley Characteristic Just can go straight, can not swivel apply, Have hand-crank device, easy to operate, save manpower. Prevent backward device, keep the cargo trolley just go straight, avoid backward damage. Few workers can moving and handling more than 40 tons equipments. OEM and customer-made workable. Wheel Material: Urethane, Alloy steel, Nylon as needed. Regarding steerable machinery skates price list, geared cargo trolley price details, please kindly feel free contact with us. Professionally service hope will get your satisfaction. Shan Dong Finer Lifting Tools co.,LTD Skype: faithjiang888 Email: Website:
Title Steerable machinery skates instruction
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Steerable machinery skates instructionSteerable machinery skates instruction

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