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SuperTM Intrabody Production

SuperTM Intrabody Production

Product Name SuperTM Intrabody Production
Company Creative Biolabs
Short description SuperTM Intrabody Production
Detail "Creative BioLabs has built up a novel intrabody generation platform, SuperTM Intrabody Platform, that is based on an innovative combination of Yeast Two-Hybrid System with antibody library technology. Intrabodies are antibodies that work within cells to bind to intracellular antigens. They are directed against intracellular target molecules and expressed within a specific subcellular compartment as directed by the intracellular localization signals genetically fused to N- or C-terminus. For this reason, intrabodies are defined as antibodies that have been modified for intracellular localization. Because antibodies ordinarily are designed to be secreted from cells, intrabodies require special alterations, including modification of sequences for hyperstability,selection of antibodies resistant to the more reducing intracellular environment, or expression as a fusion protein with maltose binding protein or other stable intracellular proteins. Intrabodies have wide applications in dissecting target protein function, in target validation and functional genomics, as well as acting as potential therapeutic reagents. Intrabodies have promising applications against hepatitis B, avian influenza, prion diseases,inflammation, Parkinson's disease, and Huntington's disease. More information, please visit the website:"
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SuperTM Intrabody ProductionSuperTM Intrabody Production

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