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The best logistics solution

The best logistics solution

Product Name The best logistics solution
Company FIC Logistics Group Company Limited
Short description The best logistics solution
Detail FIC Logistics strategic warehousing locations combined with best in class design tools, processes and systems ensure cost-efficient distribution solutions. And our rich experiences in cargo consolidation, sorting, packaging, and shipment of goods from different suppliers, varied specifications enable to offer you best logistics solutions effectively.  ARE YOUR PRODUCTS MADE-IN-CHINA? DO YOU NEED HELP DEALING WITH CHINESE MANUFACTURERS ( FROM A LOT SUPPLIERS ) ? ARE YOU FRUSTRATED WITH THE WAREHOUSING CHORES AND LOGISTICS? DO YOU WANT TO CUT COST? Our hassle free e-commerce fulfillment service is modeled for the online sellers of Made-in-China products and the sellers all around the world. We primarily store these Sellers's product in China and ship them out whenever required. We provide much cheaper Warehousing and handling services from China and this interprets in maximizing revenue margins for the sellers. Alternatively, the sellers can introduce discounts and buyers can take advantage of the more comprehensive products and services. Q: How do I arrange warehousing and shipping after purchasing from many suppliers? A: FIC Logistics has professional customer service personnel that will promptly contact each of suppliers to confirm and follow up the details of each batch of goods, sum up quantity of goods, check the packaging, arrange the appropriate shipping schedule or flight for the shipment. Q: Names of goods are very complex. Some goods have customs documents while some do not. How to deal with that? A: FIC Logistics has a dedicated clerk responsible for data checking, preparation of bills of lading, customs clearance documents and timely declaration to ensure smooth customs release. Q: Why do I need professional customer service? A: The customs inspection rate in China is normally about 5%. If there is no professional staff to conduct customs clearance, the cargos might not be able to pass customs inspection and clearance. And it will consequently cause serious delay, meanwhile expensive container rental and customs fines will be unavoidable. Q: What is cargo consolidation?  A: Cargo consolidation involves combining cargos from many shippers into one sea or air shipment. This saves money since bulk rates will be applied when more cargo ships at the same time.  Q: Why consolidate and warehouse in China?  A: We can collect goods from several suppliers in China and combine them into one shipment, and then send to the destination. Our consolidation service completes the entire process and saves your time and money.
Title The best logistics solution
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The best logistics solutionThe best logistics solution

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