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Three pot series Water Immersion Retort

Three pot series Water Immersion Retort

Product Name Three pot series Water Immersion Retort
Company Qingdao Good Food Group
Short description Three pot series Water Immersion Retort
Detail Three pot series Water Immersion Retort/Sterilization Retort/Sterilizing/Autoclave sterilizer(GF-3SJ) Applications: The water immersion retorts are suitable for various heat resistant packaging materials. 1.Plastic container: PP bottle, HDPE bottle; 2.Soft pouch: aluminum-foil pouch, transparent pouch, vacuum pouch, high temperature retort pouch, etc.; 3.Metal container: tinplate cans, aluminum can. Features: 1.High temperature and short time sterilization. Water heating in advance to the sterilization temperature, thereby reducing the sterilization time, improve the working efficiency; 2.Save energy and increase output. The working medium used in the sterilization process can be used to save energy, time and manpower; 3.Material consumption, reduce production costs. Two sterilization pot at the same time using a pot of hot water work, than double double sterilization pot production capacity doubled; 4.For flexible packaging products, especially the big packaging, heat penetration speed, good sterilization effect; 5.Uniform heat distribution, product quality easy control. 6.The whole sterilization process adopts PLC fully automatic linearity control. Via the PLC control, the temperature difference of thermal distribution is limited within ±0.2°C. The autoclave sterilizers allow for multi-stage heating, effectively saving energy. It also has an additional F value recorder (optional), capable of storing 100 scheduled processes. Technical Parameters: Model JP-SGC-09 JP-SGC-10 JP-SGC-12 JP-SGC-13 Tube length (mm) 1800 2200 2400 2700 2700 3600 4000 3600 4500 Volume (M3) single pot   1.35 2.06 2.16 2.40 3.70 4.60 5.00 5.20 6.50 Pot body thickness (mm)   4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 Installed power (KW)   10.4 14 14 14 23 23 23 30 30 Design pressure (Mpa)   0.35 0.35 0.35 0.35 0.35 0.35 0.35 0.35 0.35 Design temperature (c)   147 147 147 147 147 147 147 147 147
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Three pot series Water Immersion RetortThree pot series Water Immersion Retort

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