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Walk -Behind Roller

Walk -Behind Roller

Product Name Walk -Behind Roller
Company Aocomm
Short description Walk -Behind Roller
Detail Overview: Walk- Behind Roller is professional road equipment has been designed to suitable for a number of small-scale compaction jobs. Mainly used for compaction of the asphalt surface, compacting sandy soil, other engineering foundation, and rolling lawn. Equipment operating radius and size are small means it can work in narrow area. Compaction effect is perfect due to the big powerful compaction force, and the device is able to complete the compaction work with flexible and efficient. e) Application: Highway municipal maintenance for the construction of cement stabilization layer of compacting, the construction area is narrow and compaction equipment weight sensitive construction occasions of compacting. Road construction in the pipe culvert, channel, abutment and other structures back-fill compaction operations. Construction of municipal landscape, residential area landscape, golf course. f) Features: Big capacity of the water tank can reduce the trouble of back and forth to add water. There is an automatic cleaning scraper on the wheel to prevent the accumulation of dirt and asphalt on the wheel and make the compaction more smooth. The adjustable folding operation of the handle brings a comfortable operating environment to the operator, easy to transport after folding or collection. Taking use of high-quality rubber shock block, work performance more stable.
Title Gasoline Walk- Behind Roller
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Walk -Behind RollerWalk -Behind Roller

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