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Wotboy Injection Blow Moulding

Wotboy Injection Blow Moulding

Product Name Wotboy Injection Blow Moulding
Company hitech plastics engineering
Short description Wotboy Injection Blow Moulding
Detail Injection Blow Molding Machine As a single-source solutions provider with injection blow molding machine, vertical injection molding machine and two-color injection molding machine, HITECH PLASTICS ENGINEERING offers comprehensive solutions as per required by our valued customers. Typical applications of these machines are manufacturing LED bulbs, baby feeder and two-color toothbrush. Injection Blow Molding Machine Features Injection blow molding Machine is used to manufacture hollow plastic parts. Injection blow molding Machine process involves three stations. 1) Injection; 2) Blowing and 3) Ejection. First section of injection blow molding machine consists of an extruder barrel and screw assembly which melts the polymer. This molten polymer is injected into preform mould through nozzles. Screw rotates back to charge barrel. The preform mould in injection blow molding machine forms the external shape of the preform. Internal shape of the preform is obtained when preform mould is clamped around a mandrel (which is a core rod). The preform (also called parison) consists of a fully formed bottle neck with a thick tube of polymer attached. Materials To used Typical materials used in the injection blow moulding process are LDPE, PP, PET and PVC. As compared to extrusion blow molding, the injection blow molding facilitates more precise detail in the neck and finish area. Type Of Machines Vertical injection moulding machine has advantages over the horizontal injection moulding machine such as small footprint, high degree of precision. Typical application of vertical injection moulding machine is insert molding. A double colors injection molding machine can process two colors of plastic material at the same time. In this process, two injection units processes one plastic material at a time. These two plastic materials can be injected simultaneously or at different times as per requirement. A tooth brush is best example of two-color injection moulding process.
Title Wotboy Injection Blow Moulding
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Wotboy Injection Blow MouldingWotboy Injection Blow Moulding

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