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Yangsen Robot

Yangsen Robot

Product Name Yangsen Robot
Company hitech plastics engineering
Short description Yangsen Robot
Detail The aim of using Automation Robotic Solution is to overcome the risks related to interaction between plastic injection moulding machines as well as improve throughput and productivity through automate the repetitive tasks. Take-out robot has access to the mould area (space between two halves of mould) from above or laterally. The robot’s movements are very fast and synchronized with opening-closing of the mould which ensures to reduce the length of injection cycle. Before the mould closes, the robot’s arm must leave the mould area. Manufactured product determines the type or size of the robot’s grippers. Take-out robot can have articulated jaw grippers in order to extract the sprue or can equipped with suction cups for extracting the final product. Robots can be used for sorting final products and sprue as well as robots also have the capability to send the sprue directly to a granulator for recycling purpose. 3-axis robots are designed for automation on horizontal plastic injection moulding machines (top entry applications). 3-axis robots are used for operations which require high speed, part picking, IML (in-mold labeleing), IMD (in-mold decorating) and insert loading etc. 3-axis robots maintain and minimize the energy consumption and are simple to operate. 6-axis Automation Robotic Solution provide flexible automation on both horizontal and vertical injection molding machines. 6-axis robots have six degrees of freedom and have the capability to perform a wider variety application than robots with fewer axis. ‘Axis 1’ allows the robot to rotate from left to right. ‘Axis 2’ allows lower arm of the robot to move forward and backward. ‘Axis 3’ allows the upper arm to lower and raise. ‘Axis 4’ is also called wrist roll and is responsible to rotate the upper arm in a circular motion moving parts between horizontal to vertical orientation. ‘Axis 5’ is used to move the wrist of robot in up-down direction. ‘Axis 6’ is the wrist of the robot arm and allows the robot to rotate freely in a circular motion. Side entry robots are single-axis robots dedicated to a specific application. Side entry robots are ideal for extreme high-speed applications such as placing decorations or labels for IMD (in-mold decorating), part removal and IML (in-mold labeling). Yangsen’s side entry robots have capability to greatly reduce the take-out time. HITECH PLASTICS ENGINEERING offers wide range of the superior quality robots including: Top-entry IML Robot Side-entry IML Robot Top-entry PET Robot series Side-entry PET Robot series Robot for packaging application of knife, fork and spoon IMD Robot Six Axis Robot We also offer automation accessories, like: Vertical-Transporter (which is connected with robot arm signal, so it can receive the products precise and protect the products from damage) Belt conveyor
Title Yangsen Robot
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Yangsen RobotYangsen Robot

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