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Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening Service

Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening Service

Product Name Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening Service
Company Creative Biolabs
Short description Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening Service
Detail "A key part of gene functional analysis and potential drug target discovery is an understanding of how proteins interact within the cell.The two-hybrid system is a very powerful molecular genetic tool which investigates protein-protein interactions in vivo. This system can be used to study the interaction between two proteins which are expected to interact and/or and find proteins (prey) which interact with a protein you have already (bait). Creative Biolabs provide the services on a strict fee-for-service basis. We are professional in using Gal4 and LexA based Y2H systems. We are able to perform yeast two hybrid screening against integral membrane proteins and membrane-associated/proximal proteins using a modified split-ubiquitin membrane yeast two-hybrid (MYTH) system. More information, please visit the website:"
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Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening ServiceYeast Two-Hybrid Screening Service

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