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ZKS-L1 Fingerprint Door Lock

ZKS-L1 Fingerprint Door Lock

Product Name ZKS-L1 Fingerprint Door Lock
Company ZKS Group
Short description ZKS-L1 Fingerprint Door Lock
Detail User capacity: 110 Sensor: Optical fingerprint scanning, super abrasion resistance (500DPI) Finger operation angle: 360 degree Fingerprint setup template: one template generated per twice times Verification mode: 1: N FRR: 0.01% FAR: 0.0001% Response time: <0.7 second Static power: 10 Microampere Dynamic power: <200mA Working mode: Standalone, can work persistently Unlocked mode: Fingerprint, password, key Size: 168*167mm Weight: G.W (3.5kg); N.W (2.5kg) Power supply: DC6V, 4 units of 1.5 alkaline batteries Warranty of period: 12 months Temperature and humidity: -5 to 50, 20%-80% Applications: Factory/office/bank/hotel etc.
Title ZKS
Condition New

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ZKS-L1 Fingerprint Door Lock

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