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ZKS-T9 Touch Fingerprint multimedia time & access

ZKS-T9 Touch Fingerprint multimedia time & access

Product Name ZKS-T9 Touch Fingerprint multimedia time & access
Company ZKS Group
Short description ZKS-T9 Touch Fingerprint multimedia time & access
Detail T9 TOUCH is the latest advanced Smart Intelligence Fingerprint product of ZKS in 2011 that can be used in both Time Attendance and Access Control applications. High identification rate is less than one second; Linux operating system and ARM9 hardware platform; TFT 3.5 inches touch color LCD, showing personnel image, advertising and radio and so on; Inimitable and fancy design; Particular six kinds of shifts check on work accurate attendance advantageously. It is a kind of ideal product for high end consumption. Features: T9 Touch – The Unique Smart Intelligence Fingerprint Time Recorder and Access Control Terminal: ARM9 2410, Linux system, TCP/IP, U-Disk, 3.5-inch Touch TFT Color LCD, Camera,WIFI,Web server . New version identification speed obviously improved within 1 second. . Professional and nice design, installation easily. . Color Touch LCD display, 3.5 inches TFT high-definition graphical interface, a graphical interface can show bardian and color photographs of staff. . Identification of a variety of modes to meet the individual needs of users: fingerprint, proximity card, password can be any combination of verification. . Off-line function for inconvenient network and U-disk can upload and download files and images. . Embedded IP protocol and 100M high-speed network. . Have all kinds of voice prompt and read the number of staff. . Many complementary functions: Notice, birthday wishes, give the correct time, advertising and so on. . Storage capacity can be dynamically allocated with expanded storage of 1G. . Advanced embedded Linux operating system, hardware platform of ARM9, round-the-clock work long hours reliable. . Connect to external card readers by RS232/RS485/Weigand 26, readers can be formed to work simultaneously. . Unique work of the six function keys to work: In, Out, Break, Resume, Overtime, Overtime over . A variety of modes of communications: RJ45, U-Disk, WIFI, Web server and so on Technical Parameters: Fingerprint templates: 5,000 Maximum capacity of register: one person can register 10 fingers. Memory capacity: 60MB (can be extended to 1G) Amount bytes of one fingerprint: 2KB Period of data: Keep data for 3 years when no current LCD: 3.5-inch TFT color, 320*240 Pixels Verification mode: 1: N, 1:1 FAR: <0. 00001% FRR: <0. 01% Response time: <0. 7 second Communication: RS232/ RS485, TCP/IP, U-Disk, Weigand 26 and WIFI Video camera: 1. 3 million pixels, HDTV Color C
Title ZKS-T9 Touch Fingerprint multimedia time & access
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ZKS-T9 Touch Fingerprint multimedia time & access

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