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Thai Foods Product International Co.,Ltd Thai Foods Product International Co., Ltd manufacture and export food ingredient, food additive, dietary supplement, and beauty products for more than 11 years. Our products meet with GMP, HACCP and Halal Cert. Here are our product lists: 1. Food Ingredient and Food Additive 1.1 Non Dairy Creamer 1.2 Coconut Milk Powder 1.3 Modified Starch 1.4 Tapioca Starch 1.5 Monosodium Glutamate 1.6 Ribonucleotide 1.7 Fructose Syrup 1.8 Non Phosphate (food grade) 1.9 Blended Phosphate (food grade) 1.10 Durian Powder 1.11 Brown Sugar 1.12 Fresh Milk Powder 1.13 Condensed Milk Powder 1.14 Egg Yolk Powder 1.15 Egg White Powder 1.16 Soft Dried Mango 1.17 Instant Mixed Fruit Punch Powder 2. Dairy Products 2.1 Milk Powder for Kids (Brain and Growth Improvement) 2.2 Instant Powder Drinks with sugar free (Cocoa and Malt Flavor) 2.3 Cow Milk Tablet 2.4 Whipping Cream Powder 2.5 Ice Cream Powder (Vanilla, Choclate, Coconut, Durian Flavor) 2.6 Skimmed Milk Powder 3. Dietary Supplement Products 3.1 Curcumin Extract for Joint and Bone Pain Relief 3.2 Hair Growth Product 3.3 Natural Vaginal Tightening Product 3.4 Diabetic Control Tea 4.Beauty Product 4.1 Acne Clearing and Whitening Gel

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Key Products: Non Dairy Creamer, Coconut Milk Powder, Modified Starch, Tapioca Starch,Ribonucleotide,Fructose Syrup,Non Phosphate,Blended Phosphate,Durian Powder, Brown Sugar,Fresh Milk Powder,condensed Milk Powder, Soft Dried Mango,Instant Mixed Fruit Punch Powder,Cow Milk Tablet, Whipping Cream Powder,Ice Cream Powder,Hair Growth Product, Natural Vaginal Tightening Product, Diabetic Control Tea, Acne Clearing and Whitening Gel
Foundation Year: 2000
Head office: Bangkok,Thailand
Industry: Food Beverage
Phone: 6625437178