Thai Foods Product International Co.,Ltd


Thai Foods Product International Co.,Ltd We are Thai Foods Product International Co., Ltd, manufacturing and exporting health foods and beauty products in many countries for 11 years. Now we are looking for partners in distributing our products as follows: 1. Menstrual Pain Relief 2. Malted Drink (sugar free) 3.Herbal vaginal tightening capsules 4.Anti cancer capsules 5.Acne treatment product 6.Diabetic Control Tea 7. Joint & Bone Pain Relief 8. Cow Milk Tablets (Vanilla and Chocolate Flavor) 9. Herbal Capsules for Male Sexual Enhancement

Registration With 02-Aug-2014
Key Products: Menstrual Pain Relief,Malted Drink (sugar free),Herbal vaginal tightening capsules,Anti cancer capsules,Acne treatment gel,diabetic Control Tea, Joint & Bone Pain Relief,Tasty Milk Tablets, Male Sexual Enhancement Product
Foundation Year: 2000
Head office: Bangkok,Thailand
Industry: Health Medical
Phone: 6625437178