KharkovEnergoPribor Ltd.


KharkovEnergoPribor Ltd. KharkovEnergoPribor Ltd. - is the leading Ukrainian company specialising in designing and manufacturing high voltage field-testing equipment, insulating liquids testing and cable and calibration test vans for national power grids, oil and gas, automotive, railway and aircraft industries.

Registration With 11-Oct-2016
Key Products: Cable route tracing and identification, Cable Fault Locator, Cable locators and route tracers, Cable Fault Detector, underground cable route locator, Portable cable locators, Primary Cable Fault Locator, Cable route tracing Set, Cable test van, circuit breaker tester, Cable Fault Locating system, Cable Diagnostic System, Oil Dielectric Testers, Cable fault location, Portable time-domain reflectometer, Insulating oil tester, Cable test and diagnosis system, Hipot Thumper Cable Fault Locators, Primary current injection kit, Cable test fault location system van, AC Hipot Testing set, Portable Hi pot Tester, Transformers and Cables Test Van Laboratories, Fault location van, Cable test system, Circuit breaker test equipment, Circuit Breaker Testing Solutions, prelocation, pinpointing and converting cable faults, Complete fault locating system, Portable cable fault location system, Surge generator cable fault locators, Sheath fault location system, AC Hipot Testing set
Foundation Year: 2004
Head office: 61075, Ukraine , Kharkov, Genetal Monota Str. 9
Industry: Measurement Analysis Instruments
Phone: 380573932028